5 ways to alienate your readers

  1. Write eighty per cent of your blog posts in a list format, as most people using the internet have short attention spans and prefer bullet points to actual sentences. (Writing in this way is also useful as it disregards the need to ‘actually be able to write engaging copy’; an unnecessary exercise in time-wasting for nearly fifty years now.)
  2. Populate said lists with hastily thought-out hints and tips, many of which will be simple common sense or subject to a quick scramble on Mashable.
  3. Write a blog post for every piece of news pertaining to Social Media that pops up in your twitter feed, no matter how tenuous the link to your company. Write at least four posts like this a day, including links to the original story, which itself contains precisely the same information as your blog post. Content is content, as they say. Just keep filling up those blank spaces.
  4. Set up an automated DM that thanks people for following you. People love that robotic, no-effort, impersonal type of thing.
  5. Write a badly-subbed e-book and mention it in all your advisory lectures, blog posts, in every bio, and on every page of your free emails. Those emails you so kindly send to people for free. If people aren’t buying it, they probably didn’t see your link the first time, so it’s better to just keep sending it around to make sure.
Viapoint hate how networking can be and we know you do too. Social media can be as diverse as it is globe-circumnavigating; don’t get stuck in a marketing rut.