A Little Knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

Business is getting crowded with people and firms who profess to be social media and network gurus, people who are really web site developers, ad and media men in marketing agencies are calling themselves social media experts.

The fact is that those companies who are successfully adopting social media networks as an effective marketing and communications channel are finding out that these guys aren’t helping much.

Research by Viapoint has identified eight business competencies that need to be addressed in order to use social media effectively and not one of them is knowing how to send a micro-blog. They are:

  1. Leadership – business leaders need to understand the main principles of social media and provide strong direction
  2. Strategy – alligned to business and marketing objectives and company wide
  3. Integration – interactive, real-time, multi-media and reach features and campaigns integrated with off-line and on-line strategy and campaigns
  4. Culture and governance – Derisk by setting out a code of conduct for employees and partners. Willingness to lose control. openness and transparency.
  5. Resources – using social media is not free. Assign a proper budget and recruit highly skilled community builders. Not interns. your brand is at stake.
  6. Community Building – Use techniques such a Network Weaving (most of the above want know what this is – alarm bells should be ringing)
  7. Content – Not corporate or official. Fun, engaging, viral, word of mouse provoking, multi-media and critically, user-generated
  8. Monitoring and Managing – Using advanced network mapping and sentiment monitoring tools that span the blogosphere. Most free ones cover about 20% and the good ones are not cheap.

So can your web site developer or your ad man do all this for you? Nope. But Viapoint can.